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molly2dope's Journal

note to self: don't die
1 May
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I am seventeen. My occupation is a manager at a popular pizza delivery place. I have a boyfriend of a year and then some. I live with him and two other wicked cool roommates in a nice house in suburbia. We have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a finished basement, a fenced-in backyard with a deck and a large kitchen. Said boyfriend and I have three children. They are small, four-legged, furry and have pointy ears. One is twelve, one is three and one is four months.

I'm politically liberal but party independent. I am pro-choice and ask kindly that if you are not you do not add me to your friends list. I'm tolerant of your beliefs, I just do not want to see them daily. Nothing personal, but the issue hits extremely close to home and gets me very emotional.

I'm a nice girl :)
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